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The Poly Match Maker layout is clean and fresh, and the options to self-designate are as vast as your ability to create them.

Signing up, creating a profile and checking out who else is on the site costs nothing, however, if you'd like to contact others or reply to anything other than the first message a paying member sends you, you'll need to fork out the monthly fee to make contact.

Plus, unlike other free Christian dating websites in the UK, e Harmony won’t make you spend hours scrolling through profiles, searching for someone special.

Instead, we’ll send you a carefully selected batch of matches every day, specially tailored to you, saving you time and helping you to preserve your privacy.

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I love a giggle and I can go from being very serious and conscientious to feeling a bit rebellious.

I enjoy a variety of music such as Geomatic, Incubus and Civil Twilight.

I have been on a long journey searching myself, and have decided that, "Hippy" is a title given by my...

So if you're a single goth looking for other single gothic people then sign up now, it's completly free!

Goth Scene is different because its one of the only dedicated goth dating sites just for gothic and alternatie people.

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